Health and Safety

Mining is serious business and can expose workers to the risk of harm.  As such, employee health and safety must always be the top priority and focus of operations.  We strive for zero fatalities, zero lost-time incidents and zero workplace health issues.  The Company’s operations have made much progress but until we achieve the “zeros” we are striving for, there will be work left to be done.

  • We seek to develop robust and evolving health and safety policies that are reviewed to determine if they can be improved.
  • We seek to ensure the implementation and strict adherence of such policies by providing all our employees comprehensive and necessary training on an ongoing basis.
  • We strive to foster a culture surrounding health and safety in order to motivate individuals to work in a safe and responsible manner, challenge unsafe behavior and champion best practices.

We maintain a system of checks and balances to ensure that the health and safety policies are strictly adhered to; and impose strict disciplinary action for violations.


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